I tried a new afternoon tea inspired by Cornwall and created by a renowned pastry chef where they even had an edible painting.

If you’re someone who loves nostalgia or has an affinity with the region of Cornwall, the InterContinental in Park Lane is currently hosting an “Ode to Cornwall Afternoon Tea” this winter.

Complete with blue Cornishware crockery and treats themed around the region, which has captured the imagination of artists for centuries, this afternoon tea has definitely captured my attention.

Hosted in the hotel’s Wellington Lounge, this afternoon tea has been created in collaboration with renowned pastry chef Martin Chiffers, who was inspired to create an afternoon tea to show his love for his home county.

News Shopper: The treats and crockery all have a Cornish theme.The treats and crockery all have a Cornish theme. (Image: Emily Davison)

The afternoon tea first began with a savoury dish, which if you’re having the meat option is a Newlyn Crab Casserole served with Smoked Cornish Caviar Crostini.

Out of all the afternoon teas I’ve had this was the first that served a hot option to start with, which did add a unique touch.

The dish itself was warming and creamy with a caramelised baked cheese on the top and flakes of crab meat, and is something I’d order again on its own.

News Shopper: Newlyn Crab Casserole with Smoked Cornish Caviar CrostiniNewlyn Crab Casserole with Smoked Cornish Caviar Crostini (Image: Emily Davison)

After the crab dish a selection of savouries were served, which included a smoked mackerel rillette with saffron, a compressed baby cucumber savoury served with cream cheese and mint, a Cornish game hen with caramelised onion chutney, and a St Ewe egg mayonnaise and watercress choux bun.

The savouries were varied, with a mix of sandwiches and other items, and all came with little finishing touches like edible flowers and garnishes.

I particularly favoured the compressed baby cucumber with cream cheese, which was served on a thin slice of rye style bread and was really fresh with the mint.

News Shopper: The compressed baby cucumber with cream cheese was a highlightThe compressed baby cucumber with cream cheese was a highlight (Image: Emily Davison)

For scones we were served both plain and saffron raisin scones served with strawberry and grouse jam along with cream.

Having a Cornish-inspired afternoon tea, I of course tried my scone with jam before cream in true fashion of the region.

The scones were served warm and fresh and went really well paired with No.1. Park Lane tea, which had notes of vanilla that really went well with the sweetness of the scones.

News Shopper: The Afternoon Tea is for anyone with a love Cornwall or nostalgia in general.The Afternoon Tea is for anyone with a love Cornwall or nostalgia in general. (Image: Emily Davison)

The sweet treats were all created to be themed around Cornwall, paying homage to its links with artists, royalty and pirates.

One of my favourite treats was the Cornish appraise honey cake, a soft sponge made with honey, inspired by Chiffers’ love of bees and honey.

But one of the cutest elements of the afternoon tea was an edible chocolate artwork stood on an easel, made to be a miniature 3D recreation of a famous painting of Cornwall.

But the afternoon tea also pays tribute to Cornwall’s links to smugglers and pirates, with the Smuggled from Cornwall rum baba barrel and white chocolate vanilla cream made to look like an actual barrel.

The texture of this was rather like a mousse with a gelatinous centre and the flavours were so delicious, and this was something I’d eat again.

News Shopper: The sweet treats paid homage to Cornwall's links with artists, royalty and pirates.The sweet treats paid homage to Cornwall's links with artists, royalty and pirates. (Image: Emily Davison)

I also tried the Cornish Duchy almond sable, which in my mind was a much more upmarket take on a s’more made with orange jelly, saffron marshmallow and dark chocolate sandwiched between two biscuits.

Finally, we tried the Duchess of Cornwall hat, made to resemble the hat of the Duchess of Cornwall with blackberry meringue, fairings mousse and Cornish blackberry mead jelly.

With over 20 blended teas to choose from and a selection of cocktails, wines and champagnes, this afternoon tea is a must-do this winter for anyone with a special love of Cornwall or with a nostalgic side.

The “Ode to Cornwall” afternoon tea is running until March from 1pm until 6pm on Wednesdays to Sundays at £62 per person, or £78 with a glass of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne.