Stray Kids. A growing group, emerging from the ashes. Rihanna, Asap Rocky, Taylor Swift all enjoy their songs. They started small: an unknown group, made purely as an experiment. But now…


Well, now, their headlining BST Hyde Park.


BST Hyde Park is an annual music festival which takes place in London. It’s 3 weeks of live concerts, one after the other. Blackpink, Lana del Ray, Adele have all headlined this festival. And now they’re passing the torch to Stray Kids.


Stray Kids is a group found in 2017 and debuted in 2018 with their song ‘District Nine’. However, their luck turned around with ‘God’s Menu’ in 2020, with their fame skyrocketing. And they’ve only gotten bigger. They’ve topped the Billboard 200 chart 3 consecutive times. Their newest album is reaching the ten-week milestone aboard it. Their albums were one of the most sold albums (the top ten) in 2023, alongside Taylor Swift and more. They consist of 8 members, the youngest being 23, the oldest 27. Their music comes in a range of genres: rap, hip-hop, dance, electronic and more. Fun fact: they’re all self-produced by 3 members of the group.


For many fans, this is an amazing opportunity. Stray Kids have barely been to London, preferring to stay in East and South-East Asia and the US. So, for many fans in London, this is a chance to be grasped at and to never be let go.


The tickets will go up on February 12th, so keep your eyes peeled and websites ready!