The possibility of an upcoming conflict

Disclaimer: Talk about global conflict (present and future), and coping mechanisms

The possible threat of a detrimental global conflict has been discussed by many news websites, social media influencers and even in common conversation, however, we need to differentiate between the false news and reality regarding our situation.

Firstly, the idea of a global conflict is not as sudden as we may believe, as at this current moment over 15 countries are at war with conflicts such as the wars occuring in the middle east due to ongoing tensions and cultural reasons, Russia and Ukraine for territorial and resource gain, and the insurgency in Southeastern Nigeria. These are only a handful of many, all resulting with the death of innocents, alongside those who are enlisted, proving the damages an unthoughtful war could have.


Among the people there are many rumors and doubts about England's future if a war were to take place as currently we have around 76,000 regular full-time personal in the British army, whilst other counties are presented as more protected and prepared through them having a lot more personnel. This is seen through the country Russia for example, having just over 1,150,000 active military personnel, which adds to the sense of fear we get from the idea of conflict. However, fortunately unlike in previous global conflicts such as world war II, if we were by chance having to provide a citizen's army, conscription would not be considered ethical, and has been disputed by the Prime Minister, as well as several members of the House of Commons. 

Coping Mechanisms:

The thought of a war has scared both myself and a vast number of my friends, but in reality is a far way from becoming reality due to the still very plausible hope of settling for a communal peace.

However, if you are still feeling alarmed it is always good to know that:

  • You are not alone - whatever you are feeling there will be others feeling a similar emotion and expressing the same thoughts
  • You can always confide in others - it is always best to share your thoughts with other trustworthy people
  • Your family, friends and love ones will all be willing to share their thoughts and opinions if you are every too worried and can help you through tough thoughts!

Overall, though the idea of a new conflict is terrifying, it is not likely to occur, and if it were to, it would ensure to confirm the safety of the public as a priority, therefore you should not worry about what people you know are discussing, as they may not be aware of the reality of the situation.