Bring Me the Horizon’s rise to fame is more evident than ever, with the band now selling out the O2’s 20,000 capacity arena (and adding a 2nd night due to high demand)

It’s been 20 years since the Metalcore Sheffield band first formed and ever since their popular album Sempiternal was released in 2013, the band have just gotten better and better. Now with their new album due in the summer, we can be expecting more of their songs to reach the UK charts like their most recent song ‘Kool-Aid’.

The concert opened with the band Static Dress and soloist Cassyette who both brought their own unique sound with Static Dress a bringing post-hardcore, metalcore and screamo sound in songs like ‘Push rope’ and Cassyette bringing electro-pop and rock sound in songs like ‘Dear Goth.’

After their openings, Bad Omens came on, a Metalcore band who’re clearly popular with the Bring Me the Horizon fans since most of the arena knew their songs. The band came on with hoods to ‘ARTIFICIAL SUICIDE’ before taking their hoods off to reveal the lead singer Noah Sebastian whose angelic voice contrasted with his growl from earlier during ‘Like A Villain’ and most of the set. Finally, the band went back to their growling during ‘Dethrone’ where beforehand the audience chanted concrete jungle as Noah demanded.

But when Bring Me the Horizon did arrive, fans were not disappointed as one of the band’s newer songs ‘DArkSide’ filled the arena and immediately lifted the arena to their feet for the next 2 hours. The reception they received was only increased when Bring Me the Horizon moved onto their tour debut song ‘Kool-Aid’ which is now one of their most successful songs and old fans were also happy to hear one of their earlier album’s song ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever.’

Later, Noah from Bad Omens joined in for a duet of ‘Antivist’ with lead singer Oli Sykes and during the set we also heard snippets of the new album songs as well as an avatar EVE, who often spoke between songs to provide time for Lee’s hundreds of guitar change!

However, the highlight of the night had to be when Yungblud (Doncaster born alternative rock singer) jumped on stage to sing and dance with Oli (all whilst wearing a scarf) in his energetic collab song ‘Obey!’ which marked my 4th time seeing him live!