An Erith resident has come under fire from neighbours after applying to change the use of his property into a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) for six people.

This follows a previous planning application for the same property, 45 Byron Drive, Erith, which was turned down at the beginning of December 2023.

Both applications proposed the change of use from an existing dwelling (Class C3) to a class C4 HMO, following the conversion of the garage into another room.

The current proposal was submitted on December 15, 2023 - just nine days after the first proposal was rejected by Bexley Council.

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The decision was reached due to concerns about the quality of living for potential renters, specifically with bedroom six, which would offer the only access to the building's rear garden.

The fact that the room's window would face the rear area of the property also raised concerns about "diminishing the sense of privacy" for the potential occupant.

The submission of the new application, despite the refusal of the previous one, saw a total of 15 objections from neighbours, with no support for plans.

The application is currently with a case officer, with a determination deadline of Friday, February 9, 2023.