Dozens of drivers have been hit with speeding fines after the speed on a busy A-road in Sidcup has been lowered, but a sign with the wrong limit still remains on the road.

A number of drivers have received Notice of Intended Prosecutions (NIPs) after reportedly speeding along the A20 Eastbound, which has been changed to a 40mph road, despite still having a 50mph sign.

Some have said they are at risk of losing their jobs, homes, and driving licenses.

Nick Carter, who lives in Tunbridge with his pregnant girlfriend, has received five consecutive NIPs in the space of one week and now faces 15 points on his license.

“My mum depends on me, and I’ve just got a mortgage”, Nick added, “I could potentially lose all of this if I lose my license”.

Nick says he received the first speeding fine dated January 2, then the following four NIPs arrived over the next week, as he would drive on the A20 Eastbound everyday to get to work.

Despite many drivers not knowing exactly where the cameras are, according to a NIP from the Metropolitan Police, it relates to the A20 Eastbound, West of Sandy Lane, east of Cookham.

The stretch of the A20 is looked after and supported by Transport for London, but the NIPS that drivers have received were addressed from the Metropolitan Police.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said the force “does not have anything to add to that for now”.

Like many others, Nick says there is a “rogue” 50mph sign located in the middle for the 40mph zones, with Sat Navs reportedly still showing that the area is a 70mph zone.

Nick told the News Shopper: “I have been fined for doing up to 51mph, and 46, 47, and 49mph.

“It’s all a bit confusing as to what the speed really is.”

A TfL spokesperson says they have “reviewed" the signage at this location and found that an “incorrect” 50mph sign has been recently placed at this location by an unauthorised third party.

“This has been replaced with the correct 40mph signage and we are investigating how the incorrect sign was installed”, the TfL spokesperson added.

A Facebook group dedicated to supporting those who have received speeding fines on this particular stretch of the A20 was created on January 17, 2024, and more than 200 people have joined - with members increasing by the minute.

“We had more than 100 people when we set it up, and nine days later, we have 245 members”, Facebook group creator Becky Seymore added.

Members have expressed their frustrations and worries regarding the speeding tickets, just like Simon Routledge, who was “dumbfounded” when he received his NIP, after he has driven “up and down” what he thought was a 50mph zone many times for work.

On January 7, 2024, Simon was returning from a snooker competition in Petts Wood when he was caught speeding on this stretch of the A20 at 54mph.

He told the News Shopper: “It's my mistake; I presumed the road was 50mph.

“I drove down yesterday, and I could see the 40mph zone signs, but they're about three foot high.

“Originally the road was a 70mph zone, then 50mph.

“I was doing 54mph, but now it’s saying I was doing 14 miles over the speed limit - I am not a mad driver and have had no convictions.”

The News Shopper reached out to Conservative MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup Louie French, who has been raising concerns with TfL for months and helping residents where he can, along with London Assembly’s Peter Fortune.

MP Louie French told the News Shopper that many “concerned” drivers have contacted his office in the past few weeks with issues, despite Transport for London reportedly stating that people “would not be issued speeding fines” for the “temporary” speed limits until “adequate signage and warnings” were in place.

He explained: “I continue to be very concerned about what Transport for London have introduced on the A20 from both a road safety and fairness perspective.

“Following a flurry of complaints about their poor communication and inadequate signage for this change, Transport for London were clear last year that speeding fines would not be issued for these new ‘temporary’ speed limits until adequate signage and warnings had been put in place for drivers.

“But in the past few weeks my office has been contacted by many concerned drivers from across the South East who have now been issued fines and points on their license.

“Transport for London must urgently review this situation.

“Currently, there is at least one sign still stating 50mph, Sat Nav’s are still showing 50 and 70mph for this section of road and Transport for London are unable to confirm exactly when their road safety works will begin and when this new ‘temporary’ speed limit will end.

“Sadly, this fiasco reflects the state of Transport for London under the leadership of Sadiq Khan – quick to take money of drivers but slow to actually solve problems”.

A spokesperson for TfL says that safety is their “number one priority”, and the temporary 40mph speed limit has been reduced due to “ongoing surface water flooding and water sheeting”.

The spokesperson added: "We want to ensure that all drivers are treated fairly and speed limit signage, compliant with traffic sign regulations, was installed to reflect the new limit.”

Steve Bradley and his partner Miriam have also been slapped with hefty fines, as they received nine NIPs over the course of one week after volunteering at the Bob Hope Theatre in Eltham where they have performed and produced shows for more than seven years.

Steve says the pair drove up the A20 towards Eltham and back in two separate cars over the first week of January for the show opening, which resulted in Miriam receiving six NIPs, and Steve three, all between the speeds of 47 to 49mph.

Steve told the News Shopper: “We are also juggling looking after our 20-month old.

“Without knowing, the change had occurred and simply following the flow of traffic, we have equated enough tickets to cause us immense stress.

“Miriam is heavily pregnant with our second child and the only reason we have had to make journey more frequent than usual is because our best friend died at the end of last year.

“He was directing the show and his passing resulted in us taking on even more responsibility for the production, hence the number of trips in quick succession.”

Like many others, Steve and Miriam are looking at a driving ban, and have been faced with emotions of anxiety and stress, whilst waiting for the arrival of their second baby.