A suspected sex offender was arrested during a police raid of a shop on New Cross Road. 

South east London officers received intelligence that a business was selling stolen goods. 

On Thursday, January 18, officers inspected the premises and discovered a haul of items which they suspect were stolen, as well as £15,000 in cash. 

They arrested a man on suspicion of handling stolen goods but while in custody officers learned he had been accused of a series of non-recent sexual assaults on girls aged under 13. 

The child abuse investigation team were alerted and he was further arrested for suspected sexual offences. 

Metropolitan Police's DC Mara Phipps, who works in a Lewisham child protection team, said: “Protecting women and children is a key priority for the Met, and we investigate incredibly complex and sad crimes. 

“Our team pour their heart and soul into working with victims in order to get them the justice they deserve.” 

Acting Inspector Ryan West, who leads one of the teams who carried out the initial inspection, said: “This operation was a direct result of local officers acting upon intelligence received from the community which has led to further arrests for multiple offences. This shows the importance of community policing. 

“We are working hard to act on issues we know worry our neighbourhoods, and are using data and insight to precisely target where the problems are.”