A Bexleyheath pub has reopened after a stunning refurbishment, touching up parts of the pub that needed some TLC.

Owner of The King’s Arms, Pete Marshall, aimed to work on areas that leaders felt needed attention, whilst retaining its classic look and feel.

The pub was closed on January 8 and reopened after January 12.

It closed for one week in January while this work was undertaken, and while it has now reopened the work is by no means finished.

A painter has been going in overnight to complete the works that were started while it was closed.

Some of the main changes are that the bar floor, where bar staff stand, has been replaced and a whole new bar front has been put in.

The banquettes in the pub’s snug have been re-cushioned and the bar tables were sanded and revarnished.

Toilets had new doors installed and new mirrors and some general touch-up painting was done.

At the time of the closure, the pub posted “it won’t ever look the same” on social media as a “tongue in cheek” way to bring attention to the closure and the fact that the bar front doesn’t look the same as it did before.

But the pub will still be recognisable to locals who love it.

The pub also redid its exterior last year after a series of cars crashed into it.

Concrete blocks have now been put in place on the corner near to the pub by Bexley Council in an attempt to protect the building and pedestrians from this happening again.