Anyone who runs a London business will know just how much consumers love diversity, a sense of community and easier accessibility to the goods and services on offer. As such a rich cultural hub, there are certain expectations held for local brands.

Those that prioritise a physical approach to both selling and advertising are significantly falling behind those that are leveraging the creative capabilities and reach of online spaces - and this will only become more apparent in 2024.

The key benefits of diversifying reach for 2024

Businesses should consider allowing users to shop via a proprietary website or mobile app, but they should also consider just how a blog and social media marketing can impact their success. The key benefits of diversifying reach are:

•            Increased traffic

•            Better leads and conversions

•            A higher level of brand awareness

•            More trusting brand/ consumer relationships

•            A more human approach to business

•            The ability to provide more worthwhile customer service

The more platforms you share content on, the more it will have a direct effect on the size and quality of your business’s overall consumer base.

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How to approach online marketing

The very first thing to do will be to consider your content and how to make the most of it. For example, many individuals that shop with small brands will be looking for a more personable approach and better ethics, so sharing behind-the-scenes drone footage of how products are made could give individuals an edge over larger companies.

More and more London businesses are looking to create stunning visual content while keeping costs low, and this is where online editing tools are coming into play. With providers like CapCut offering a creative suite that comprises a host of photo and video editing tools that are supported by AI, it has never been simpler for users to create stunning content. With fast and intuitive functionality, videos of any size, length, or calibre can be edited to professional level quality with no skill, effort, downtime, or outlay. This suite has:

•            Intuitive tools to effortlessly cut, trim, split and resize videos

•            Dynamic and error-free auto captioning that requires no manual transcription

•            Unlimited, editable tracks that include video, text, image and audio solutions

•            A diverse library of open-source and trending music and sound effects

•            A fantastic itinerary of free, editable photo and video templates

•            A background removal tool

Not only do these tools perform using artificial intelligence and machine learning protocols, but projects can also be saved and collaborated on in a highly secure proprietary cloud space. CapCut has more dedicated tools on its website, such as a video compressor, for those who may need more targeted editing needs.

Why will diversified reach be so important in 2024?

The internet and advancements in tech are bringing a more simplified approach to everything from online shopping to marketing, so the only way to stay on top of market sentiment is to have an active online presence. Trending photos and videos have the ability to go viral, so delivering these as part of a marketing campaign could potentially reach global audiences.