A newly opened Bromley bar offers “two different worlds under one roof” with its laidback and classy speakeasy on the first floor and the bustling nightclub in the basement.

The Cocktail Akademia Bar & Nightclub at 29a Widmore Road is formerly known for hosting Ora Nightclub from 2007 and Bibas, a meat store in a family-owned Deli chain from 1984.

The venue has had a fascinating transformation into a renowned nightlife spot in a building that has stood for 120 years.

The hidden gem, which first opened around three months ago, is tucked away down an alleyway, and you must ring a bell in the entry room to gain access.

Spread across multiple floors, Cocktail Akademia features a speakeasy cocktail bar with leather Chesterfield sofas, a vibrant tropical-themed private hire bar, and a basement nightclub that brings West End glamour to south east London.

News Shopper: Inside the Cocktail Akademia Bar & Nightclub Inside the Cocktail Akademia Bar & Nightclub (Image: DP)

The bar is managed by husband and wife duo, Deniss and Anastasija Petrova – who also own the Cocktail Embassy in Crystal Palace.

Deniss told the News Shopper: “We know what old-school hospitality is about and our guests love it.

"Both Cocktail Embassy in Crystal Palace and Cocktail Akademia in Bromley have a cocktail bar on a separate floor followed by a nightclub that is open quite late.

“Our cocktail bars are as it says on the tin - great selection of alcohol, might it be a good local gin or a one of 52 left in the world whiskey bottles.

"Excellent non-pretentious service, great music - just good old hospitality as it should be.”

The venue offers a diverse array of beverages, from rare and exquisite concoctions to beloved classics like Espresso Martinis and Old Fashioned cocktails.

There is also a great selection of beers, wines, spirits and mixers as well as non-alcoholic drinks with bar snacks.

The establishment aims to cater to a diverse clientele, providing a relaxed environment for locals to gather and enjoy quality time.

Cocktail Akademia is currently offering what they describe as the "best happy hour in town" from 5-8pm daily, where the establishment entices with a 2-for-1 deal on their entire cocktail menu.

News Shopper: Cocktails at The Cocktail Akademia Bar & Nightclub Cocktails at The Cocktail Akademia Bar & Nightclub (Image: DP)

As Bromley's newest hotspot, Cocktail Akademia invites residents to explore its unique blend of history, hospitality, and expertly crafted cocktails.

For those eager to experiment, Cocktail Akademia presents unique creations like the Elixir De Agave based on Mezcal, spicy mango, and peach, or the sophisticated "Above the Clouds," a gin, Aperol, and grapefruit concoction topped with a creamy cinnamon, caramel, and white wine foam.

It is perfect for a date night, especially on weekdays when there is a relaxing atmosphere, however, Cocktail Akademia transforms on weekends.

News Shopper: Nightclub at The Cocktail Akademia Bar & Nightclub Nightclub at The Cocktail Akademia Bar & Nightclub (Image: DP)

The basement nightclub, featuring three zones of seating, including extensive VIP areas next to the DJ booth, promises an electrifying experience with music spanning from top charts to beloved 80s tunes, ensuring a night of non-stop dancing.

Whether seeking a laid-back evening in the Speakeasy, a tropical escape, or a dance-filled night in the basement, Cocktail Akademia aims to offer a diverse and memorable experience for all who come for a boogie.