Controversy has sprung amongst Orpington residents after ULEZ cameras and as a result, traffic lights, were cut down.

The cameras and traffic lights were cut down at the junction where Court Road and Spur Road meet yesterday (Thursday, January 18).

While some people on social media praised this method of protesting the expansion of ULEZ, others thought that the interference with traffic lights was a step too far.

Many warned that it would cause a crash, and yesterday an adult and child were taken to hospital after a crash in Court Road.

Police were called to the scene at around 8.30am.

The condition of the adult and child were assessed as non-life threatening.

Orpington residents have since taken to Facebook to share their thoughts.

Albert Mutton said: “By all means chop down ULEZ only masts with my blessing.

“But, where safety of road users and pedestrians is concerned try a different tactic please.”

However, Lloyd Dunsford is all for the form of protest.

He said: “The traffic is running freely no traffic jams no pollution no one getting fined perhaps we should go back to common sense and give way signs.”

Dave Brown added: “If you can't negotiate traffic without lights you should not be driving, and you should give way to pedestrians.”

Tommy Johnson agreed: “I bet the traffic is running the best it has done in years.”

Matt McConnell added: “They have also done it at the Chislehurst War Memorial traffic lights, admittedly it feels like driving through Mumbai, but the morning commute is the best it’s ever been!

“Make you wonder if these junctions need to be rethought.”

Jeremy Clarke also took the side of deciding that the traffic lights being cut down is not a terrible way to protest ULEZ.

He said: “Three sets cut down at Chislehurst this week: repair crews seem scared off! Traffic flowing quite freely.”

Elizabeth Allen has a similar opinion.

She said: “The traffic has been fine.

“I came over this junction four times today and polite driving and road sense prevailed.”

But Trevor Pritchard thinks that this was not the best way to protest.

He added: “Having no traffic lights causes extra danger to all road users, so this is a stupid irresponsible thing to do!

“I do not agree with the ULEZ expansion, but cannot condone dangerous things like this!”

Edward Relf also thinks that there must be a better way.

He said: “Surely it's got to be easier to just spray the camera face or tie something over it and leave the lights working.

“Admittedly easier to remove but you would not be responsible for a possible accident.”

Marc Perni added: “I'm not in favour of ULEZ but wrecking the normal traffic lights on junctions is plain stupid and will lead to accident.”

Bernard Davis said: “I hate ULEZ but I have been through the new traffic management system and it works well from a flow point of view.

“It is however very dangerous.”

Nicola Powell agreed that the loss of traffic lights is not actually a disaster.

She said: “Ones in New Addington on lodge lane were out for over a month and traffic flowed so much better.”

Palph Philip added: “It’ll be a good day for travel in the area without traffic lights causing traffic.”