Bexley residents have called for the Met Police to do more to tackle knife crime following a stabbing in the area.

A woman in her 30s remains in critical condition after the stabbing in Penhill Road on January 16.

Police were first called to the scene at 4.07pm, and Inspector Graham Rickard confirmed officers arrived within "three minutes of the initial report" and provided first aid.

Residents said the news was "horrific", with one reader on Facebook describing the current situation with "all the stabbings" as "so scary".

Many people are worried about the surge in knife crime and there's a sense amongst Bexley residents that the Met Police should be doing more to prevent such attacks.

One reader, Drew Dunbar, called for stronger law enforcement, saying: "We need more police on the streets."

Another added: "Can't remember the last time I saw a copper on the streets looking out for suspects."

There's a feeling of fear and frustration in the community, with many commenting that violence on the streets is getting worse - and yet still "not being taken seriously".

News Shopper: One resident who used to live in Penhill Road, said it feels like there's knife crime in the area 'every single day'One resident who used to live in Penhill Road, said it feels like there's knife crime in the area 'every single day' (Image: Newsquest)

Georgie Storrie said: "Bexleyheath and Bexley are turning into something crazy lately it’s getting a joke all the knife crime once upon a time this wasn’t heard of very much in these areas."

One resident who lived in Penhill Road, the scene of the latest stabbing, said: "I was brought up in this road and my brother still lives in family home yards away.

"Feels like the world has gone mad and every single day knife crime takes a life."

It's the overwhelming number of incidents that seem to be happening at the moment which is really worrying people.

One reader, Christine Perry, said: "How many more knife crimes before something is done about it, such a terrible thing to happen."

Another reader, Lisa M Parsons, added: "So many knife crimes going on and it's not being taken seriously."

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: "We continue to dedicate our resources into tackling knife crime and taking weapons off our streets. In Bexley, officers are regularly deployed into known hotspot locations, using innovative tactics and conducting high visibility patrols to keep the community safe.

"Across London, we have also been working with our partners to help divert people away from a life of criminality. Other preventative measures include our officers working with schools to deliver youth engagement and diversion, conducting regular weapon sweeps in crime hotspots, and forming closer relationships with partners and our community.

"Tackling violence remains a priority for the Met and we know that reducing knife crime relies on combined work from across communities and other agencies. This is why we continue to work with our partners and the community to build lasting solutions."

The police emphasise reporting suspicions to help prevent crime or assist in solving cases after an incident.

They urge people to contact their local policing team, Crimestoppers, or Fearless if they ever have any information.