A nursery in Greenwich has been rated inadequate in all areas by Ofsted after inspectors found babies’ bedding was being laid out on a dirty floor.

Owl and Bear Daycare in Eltham has been given the worst possible rating by the education watchdog, but the nursery has challenged the claims of the inspectors.

The nursery on Southend Crescent was criticised for being in breach of several safeguarding and welfare requirements.

The inspector said the leadership team does not provide environments that are clean for children, leading to their health being compromised.

The report said: “Staff do not support children’s health and hygiene effectively. For example, mattresses and bedding are laid on a dirty floor in preparation for babies and young children to sleep. This compromises children’s safety and well-being.”

Staff were cited as not planning or implementing effective learning experiences to support children’s long-term education. Learning environments at the nursery were also said to be ‘poorly’ designed.

The report added: “At times, pre-school children share the same room as the babies and young children.

"When this happens, the pre-school children do not receive age-appropriate learning and interactions to build on their existing skills. Children do not make good progress in their prime areas of learning.”

An Owl and Bear Daycare spokesperson told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that a manager with over eight years experience was employed at the nursery at the time of the inspection. They added that the staff member resigned on the day of the inspection, stating they wished to leave the sector.

They added: “The inspection also impacted on the mental health of other staff. At the time, I believe there was only five or six staff present and two inspectors. So clearly, they felt under pressure.”

Staff at the nursery were praised in the report for encouraging children to engage in activities both with friends and independently.

Children were also said to enjoy the nursery rhymes that staff sing to them and the books that they read.

The inspector added: “Staff welcome children into the setting with warm greetings and smiles. This helps children to easily separate from their parents when they arrive. Overall, children behave well. They take turns and play together cooperatively.”

The Owl and Bear spokesperson said: “Moving forward, we’ve taken on board the welfare requirement notice and the intricacies of the report. We’re continuing to improve in every area. On the back of that, all our parents are fully supportive.

"They are all more than happy with the care, education and cleanliness of the setting, and they continue to send their children here and continue to recommend us.”

Owl and Bear Daycare in Eltham has space for 100 children and had 48 enrolled at the time of the inspection.

The nursery opened in 2021 and will be re-inspected within six months.

A sister nursery is operated by the service in at the Walderslade Medical Centre in Chatham, which was rated ‘good’ in all areas in an inspection in June last year.