A town in Kent has been named as a top choice for Londoners looking to move away from the bustle of the capital.

More than 16,500 Londoners have flocked to Tonbridge in Kent since 2020, in search of greener and cheaper pastures.

The findings were part of an in-depth study by ukphonebook.com, shedding light on the habits of the more than 350,000 London leavers, who have exited the capital in the last three years.

Tonbridge is known for its castle, which dates back to the 11th century and looks out over part of the River Medway.

The vibrant Kent town appeared second on the list of the most desired locations, with 16,526 former London residents relocating there since 2020.

Top of the list was Chelmsford, with a total of 19,327 Londoners opting to make Essex their new home, due to its proximity to London and more affordable house prices.

Several other towns also witnessed a significant influx of London movers.

Guildford was chosen by 16,360 London leavers, while Redhill hosted 15,470 new residents from the Capital.

Hemel Hempstead, Medway Towns, Brighton, Southend on Sea, Reading, and Slough made up the other locations that completed the top 10.

Analysing Rightmove data, ukphonebook.com found the house prices in Chelmsford were, on average, £322,371 cheaper than in Greater London.

All top ten destinations would save Londoners money on housing.

Those opting to live in the Medway towns in Kent could expect a saving of £391,474 on their home.

London leavers seemed also to favour counties bordering the capital.

Kent, Essex, and Surrey were the most popular, each drawing more than 30,000 residents from London in the last three years.

Beyond the south east, West Midlands was the most favoured destination.

Other popular regional retreats included the South East, North West, Yorkshire and even further afield, Scotland.

ukphonebook.com used various publicly available data sources, including Land Registry house price sales and postcode data to compile their top ten list.