The remote-control (RC) racetrack at Crystal Palace Park is under threat due to a park regeneration plan set for 2025 – and a team of budding RC enthusiasts are working to save it.

A petition has been launched in a bid to have the track saved or, at least, relocated within the park.

The planned refurbishments do not include the RC track, which instead will be replaced by five-a-side football pitch, according to the Crystal Palace RC Car Club.

Joey Hazell, who initiated the petition, is deeply saddened by the plans.

He appeals to the local community for support, expressing concerns that replacing the track with a football pitch diminishes integral parts of the park’s history.

He argues that the park's historical significance should be respected and preserved as part of the regeneration plan.

As it stands, the RC track community is left with one last year of racing, according to John Williams and Mark Williamson who run the RC car club.

John wrote in the Facebook group: “From a personal point it is sad as this was where I first saw RC cars racing as a child, I'm sure there are many of you out there that can relate to this.

“We have one last year of racing to be had let's have some fun.”

News Shopper: On the left picture, John Williams number 2 And Mark Williamson on number 3 / On the right picture Joey Hazell, who initiated the petition, on number 3On the left picture, John Williams number 2 And Mark Williamson on number 3 / On the right picture Joey Hazell, who initiated the petition, on number 3 (Image: Joey H)

With the growing support for the cause, hope revitalises for the survival of this cherished part of Crystal Palace.

Joey wrote in a appeal on “I am a local resident of Crystal Palace Park, and for me, the heart of this park has always been the remote control car track.

“This attraction has been around since the 70s and serves as a significant reminder of our community's rich motorsport history.

“As a child, I would come to watch the races every Sunday with my grandmother.

“These experiences instilled in me a deep love for cars that eventually led to my career in the motor industry.

“The proposed regeneration plan threatens to replace this beloved track with a football pitch.

“While we understand and appreciate efforts to modernize our park, it is crucial not to erase parts of its history that hold such sentimental value for many residents like myself.

“The remote control car track is more than just an attraction; it's an emblem of our shared past and should be preserved as part of our shared future.

“It represents decades-long tradition that continues to inspire younger generations towards creativity, innovation, and passion for motorsports.

“We urge those responsible for planning Crystal Palace Park's regeneration not only consider economic factors but also respect and preserve its historical significance within our community.”

Crystal Palace's Labour councillor, Ryan Thomson, told the News Shopper: “We know just how much of a special place the RCC track holds within our community.

“That is why we have worked with local campaigners to help get their petition off the ground and are helping to promote it as widely as we can.

“We will be speaking with the relevant decision makers to try and save the future of this much loved, and historically significant, part of Crystal Palace.

“However, to help us show the depths of support that the RCC track has within our community (and beyond) – please do sign and share the petition with your family and friends! Thank you.”

We approached Bromley Council for comment.