There are always a few things to look forward to as winter comes around, and one of the things happen to be snow days. Snow days bring in a sense of joy in the cold months as they fall as so gently and slowly but is it worth it. 

The first snow day is the best of any, weather you are sitting in your room, classroom or in your office looking outside as the snow falls can bring you warmth and a smile across your face. The first snow not only marks this joy but also a mixture of hail, rain and ice that are to follow it.  

The first day of snow reminds some to bring gloves hats or swich to a thicker coat while to others it forces them to shiver in the cold.  

The snowy season is amazing to witness at the warmth of you home, but actually stepping outside of it can turn into a burden for many such as roads and pathways become icy, the large amounts of extra layers and the fact the snow could turn into hail or rain in a second sends a shiver. There is also the side that says that there are many people not as lucky to be able to afford house heating for whole days or new coats and warm gloves.  

As much as the new beginnings the snow marks, it also puts pressure on many for they to stay warm. The snow can be beautiful if you look at it from one angle but from another, it is like broken piece of shard that puts a burden on many. But I personally believe why not try to enjoy what you can from it and if you can help others.