Sainsbury's customers in Chislehurst have warned about the "disgusting" state of the toilets, with one cubicle said to be "smeared" with "faeces".

The concerning status of the supermarket's public restrooms was made clear on Facebook, via a post from the community page Visit Chislehurst.

Reports of vandalism, untidiness, and unpleasant conditions forced the page to warn visitors of the Chislehurst Sainsbury's toilets.

News Shopper: Sainsbury's said its toilets had been the victim of vandalsSainsbury's said its toilets had been the victim of vandals (Image: Supplied)

The post said: "We have received complaints about the state of the toilets in Sainsbury’s and been in touch with the manager.

"No easy way to say this but unfortunately some users are leaving them in a disgusting way (and we mean truly & utterly disgusting) and vandalising them."

The post claimed that the store is grappling with restroom problems, including drainage issues, broken toilet seats, and a cubicle "smeared" with "faeces".

Visit Chislehurst said that a drainage team cleared a blockage caused by an excess of toilet paper in the ladies' restroom last week.

"An out of hours cleaning team is coming out to clear the faeces that is smeared all around the cubicle," the post added.

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This information incited an uproar, with shoppers voicing their concerns in the comments section.

One user, Christine Baxter said: "Sadly, there has always been a section of society that thinks it's funny or clever or both to deface public toilets.

"Probably why public loos are so rare these days."

Sharing her experience, Katie Middleton said: "I was in Sainsbury’s the other day and was desperate for the toilet, and went into the cubicle to go, and as you say it was worse than disgusting."

The Visit Chislehurst page reiterated the plea to respect public facilities—particularly for the convenience of everyone and the staff who maintain them.

The post concluded: "These are really the only accessible toilets in the area, so please keep them nice for everyone, especially those who have to clean them during the day."

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We are working to repair the vandalism in our Chislehurst store toilets and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing.”