A yellow weather warning for ice has been placed across parts of south London, tomorrow with snow expected in some areas.         

The yellow weather warning for ice covers parts of south London, Kent, West and East Sussex and Surrey from 4am until 10am tomorrow (January 8).

Snow has also been forecast for some areas including Bexley, Orpington and Croydon.

A mix of snow and sleet showers are expected to move in from the east on Sunday evening with temperatures dropping to near zero.

As a result of wintry showers, along with wet surfaces from recent rainfall, Met Office has warned that some areas may be icy on untreated roads and surfaces.

Met Office has also warned that some snow showers tomorrow could potentially turn heavy, with some “narrow zones” potentially experiencing between one and three centimetres of snow.

In Bexley, snow has been forecast to hit been 11am and 12pm, with further snowfall forecast at 2pm and then again between 4pm and 8pm tomorrow.

In Orpington, snowfall has been predicted from 1am until 12pm, with sleet to follow at 1pm followed by further light snowfall from 2pm until 7pm.

Over in Croydon, light snow showers have been predicted to hit between 11am and 12pm with further snowfall forecast from 5pm until around 7pm.

Here’s an hour-by-hour weather forecast tomorrow January 8: 

12am - Cloudy

1am - Cloudy

2am - Cloudy

3am - Cloudy

4am - Cloudy

5am - Cloudy

6am - Cloudy

7am - Cloudy

8am - Partly cloudy

9am - Cloudy

10am - Cloudy

11am - Cloudy

12pm - Cloudy

1pm - Cloudy

2pm - Cloudy

3pm - Cloudy

4pm - Cloudy

5pm - Cloudy

6pm - Overcast

7pm - Cloudy

8pm - Overcast

9pm - Cloudy

10pm - Cloudy

11pm - Cloudy

The forecast in full:

Cloudy Monday with snow showers expected, these mainly across eastern areas. Wintry showers may spread west through the day.

Dry overnight. Feeling very cold with brisk winds, strong towards coasts.

Maximum temperature 4 °C.

What to expect?

Met Office has warned that tomorrow's weather could lead to some roads and railways being affected by ice, leading to longer journey times tomorrow morning.

There are also warnings that some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths could become icy tomorrow, with people urged to take extra care and allow more time when walking tomorrow.

People are also being advised to travel on main roads where possible to avoid slippery, untreated surfaces.