The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says he is "exploring" ways to bring in free open-access Wi-Fi to London.

Currently most pubs, shops and other hospitality venues offer free Wi-Fi in London, but it can often involve signing up and logging in repeatedly.

Sadiq Khan's plan is to create a "single, easy-to-use" Wi-Fi network, making it more convenient for everyone.

In a tweet, he says he wants every Londoner and visitor to have the "best experience possible" - which he claims means access to the internet. 

The free Wi-Fi is planned to help tourists, business transactions, and the growing number of people working remotely.

As a part of the Mayor's goal for Digital Access for All, Sadiq Khan has set aside £20,000 to develop a plan with City Hall and London & Partners, with the aim to enhance internet access for both visitors and residents.

This includes working with groups like the Wireless Broadband Alliance, Wi-Fi and mobile network companies, boroughs managing key spots in the city, and cities abroad with expertise in providing open access internet.

The Mayor has brought mobile service to London's tubes, especially on the central part of the Elizabeth Line.

Currently, 20 per cent of underground Tube stations have mobile coverage, and this is set to double by spring 2024 as TfL expands the service.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said: “Our capital is roaring back from the pandemic, with tourists from around the world joining Londoners in enjoying all of the fantastic attractions on offer. 

“I want every Londoner and visitor to have the very best experience possible and in our connected world that means having access to fast, reliable, seamless internet access. This consultation will be the first step towards delivering better digital services for all, building a better and more prosperous city for everyone.”