This is the terrifying moment a car narrowly escaped a falling tree during Storm Henk in Bexleyheath.

The footage, posted on X (formally known as Twitter), shows a huge tree plummet into Upton Road just a second ahead of a passing car at around 3.30pm yesterday (January 2).

It comes as an amber weather warning for strong wind was issued across south London by the Met Office.

The 20-second video is captioned: "Lucky escape for this car. Seconds away from being hit by the falling tree."

It starts by showing the driver of a small white car driving down a hill before it suddenly stops.

The car then turns in the road before heading off in the opposite direction.

Winds of 70-80mph had battered south London all afternoon, with heavy rain falling across the region.

The warning was in place from 10am until 8pm yesterday.

The windy weather was accompanied by outbreaks of heavy rain, which may have affected visibility on the roads.