Photos show the havoc wreaked by Storm Henk in south London as strong gusts of wind cause.

London Fire Brigade attended over 30 calls yesterday (Tuesday, January 2) to trees, roof tiles, scaffolding and roofing falling down due to strong winds.

Many roads were forced to close as these items blocked the way for drivers and pedestrians.

News Shopper: Upton Road, BexleyheathUpton Road, Bexleyheath (Image: Richard Flood)

News Shopper: Upton Road, BexleyheathUpton Road, Bexleyheath (Image: Contributor)

The chaos comes as an amber weather warning for strong wind was issued across south London by the Met Office.

Disruption also impacted trains across the country, with many being cancelled. 

The warning was in place from 10am until 8pm yesterday.

News Shopper: Creek Road, GreenwichCreek Road, Greenwich (Image: @Catherinejw_ on X)

The Met Office has predicted that some inland areas could face winds of up to 40 to 50 miles per hour, with some areas potentially facing wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour.

The windy weather was accompanied by outbreaks of heavy rain, which may have affected visibility on the roads.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson yesterday said: “Firefighters are currently in attendance at numerous incidents across London as a result of strong winds.

“Crews have attended more than 30 calls to objects in precarious positions since around 3pm including trees, scaffolding, roof tiles, solar panels and roofing.”

In Greenwich yesterday, Creek Road was closed as around six-storeys of scaffolding collapsed into the road after being pushed over by the storm.

News Shopper: Creek Road, GreenwichCreek Road, Greenwich (Image: @JoshEHargreaves on X)

Emergency services attended and photos and videos capturing the moment showed a queue of cars at a standstill as the incident was dealt with.

Another set of scaffolding came down in Sutton as well, with photos showing it blocking the High Street.

A shop worker near the area said: “We could hear it rattling for a while and then there was an almighty crash.

News Shopper: Sutton High StreetSutton High Street (Image: Contributor)

“It's a miracle no one was walking past because someone could have been badly hurt or worse.”

Another photo taken from the inside of a car by Richard Flood shows a huge tree blocking Upton Road in Bexleyheath.

The tree can be seen blocking the entirety of the road and its branches make it taller than some of the houses next to it.