Disgruntled revellers have slated the New Year's Eve fireworks in London, describing the event as "an absolute total and utter disgrace".

Attendees vented their frustration and disappointment on TripAdvisor, leaving 1-star reviews and slamming the event as woefully disorganised.

Eva, a visitor at the event, decided to leave before the fireworks even started, describing it as a "complete disaster".

She said: "We had tickets for the pink zone and were there at about 9pm.

"The queue was extremely long, it was absolutely unorganised and we had no chance to get in there."

Disheartened, Eva wrote that she left the venue at 11.40pm without witnessing the much-lauded firework display.

Another reviewer, Gianni T, who was visiting with their family, expressed dissatisfaction with the event organisation.

They said: "Even the flow to the subway was completely disorganised, with a crowd of people at real risk of accidents."

The only thing that redeemed the fireworks in Gianni's view was their "peculiarity".

Tens of thousands of people gathered along the River Thames near the London Eye to celebrate the New Year.

Visitors braved the cold weather and crowds to see the 12-minute long firework and drone light show that ushered in 2024.

But despite the eye-catching display, on TripAdvisor there were only tales of chaos, high prices and discontent.

One reviewer said: "You would be mad to go to this event."

They described a scene of confusion and distress, with growing numbers of agitated attendees waiting in disarray, fearing for their safety and that of their children.

The reviewer said: "It became clear people at the front were being crushed. People at the back saw movement and pushed forward.

"At no stage was there a single steward, just random shouting, mostly of agitated people worrying about not getting in or being trampled.

"It was frightening and upsetting, especially for those with kids. This was an absolute total and utter disgrace."

Shane B, who went to see the fireworks with his family, referred to the event as "total chaos".

He said: "Children were crying, we got crushed in the crowd with a child and at 11.55pm we decided to leave for the safety of our child as we knew we would never get in anyway.

"Organisers hang your head in shame."

The London celebrations were organised by the Mayor, and featured a unity-themed display, alongside references to the King's coronation and the 75th anniversary of the Windrush crossing.

Additional celebrations took place in Edinburgh and other cities across the country, attracting thousands of spectators.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “City Hall worked in close partnership with the Met police, Transport for London, British Transport Police and event stewarding teams to put on this year’s spectacular New Year’s Eve celebrations.

"While the vast majority of more than 100,000 ticket-holders enjoyed the display, we’re sorry if any ticketholders were unable to fully enjoy the evening.

"A number of people arrived at ticket gates with fake tickets and were refused entry, and unfortunately this led to delays at entry points. 

"City Hall continues to work closely with the Met police to tackle the sale of these fake tickets.”