A waitress in an Eltham Pizza Express was given the opportunity to paint a festive scene on the branch’s windows to get customers in the Christmas spirit.

Charli Bull created the artwork after winning a competition for the pizzeria brand’s team members to decorate restaurants.

She has worked at Pizza Express in Eltham for four and a half years and was one of two members selected from 10,000 to showcase her skills and bring festive flair to the eatery.

With a design featuring Snowball Dough Ball snowman musicians wearing the pizzeria brand’s iconic black and white striped t-shirts, Charli said her design was inspired by her team at PizzaExpress Eltham.

She said: “The inspiration behind my design was to represent our team working together.

“The snowmen are characterisations of two of the senior pizzaiolos at our pizzeria, Joao and Pedro, who are always making our shifts a success by running excellent kitchens.

“This is portrayed by them playing music and being the life of the party in the artwork.

“The forest scene portrays a cosy winter atmosphere, which is inspired by a meadow near where I live, which when covered in snow brings back many memories of Christmas.”

Art has been a passion for Charli from a young age.

She even attended Goldsmiths University to study fine art and graduated two years ago.

She added: “What I love about creating art is transforming an idea into real life.

“It was a privilege to be chosen to replicate my artwork on my pizzeria’s windows.

“The design is personal to our location and team, and I’m excited for our customers to see the design.

“I hope people feel both a sense of Christmas magic as our beloved Snowball Dough Balls are turned into pizzaiolos and customers feel a continuing warm atmosphere in our pizzeria when they see the festive forest scene.”