New research has revealed the places in England and Wales with the most energy efficient homes.

The study, by window, door and conservatory installers Eliments, looked into data from the Office of National Statistics ‘Energy efficiency of housing in England and Wales’ report.

It found that Dartford has the most energy efficient homes in the South East.

Here, the average energy efficiency score is 72 (Band C), beating England’s average of 68 (Band D).

When taking England and Wales into account, Dartford comes joint 4th.

Tower Hamlets sit at the top of the list, and The Isles of Scilly sit right at the bottom.

MD of Eliments Danny Hogan said: “I’m not surprised by the results as properties across the UK continue to age.

“Older buildings weren’t built to modern day standards, where energy efficiency is a key component.

“As the cost-of-living crisis continues everyone is feeling the pinch and keeping your home warm can be very expensive, so it’s really important to lock in measures which will save money in the long run.”

Danny had this advice for people who are concerned:

Double glazed windows - Installing two panes creates a sealed pocket of air that prevents the transfer of heat and moisture.

“Curtains – Thick curtains hung close to your windows help to keep heat from escaping. Close them at night but keep them open during the day to allow sunlight to warm your home.

“Weather Stripping – Make sure the weather stripping around your doors and windows is in good shape, in order to avoid heat transfer.

“Smart thermostat – Newer thermostats can be set to maintain different temperature limits for times when your home is unoccupied. You can also change the temperature setting when you’re not home using an app.”