A micropub has opened in Mottingham in place of a former florist and is already making strangers into friends.

The Bat and Ball micropub at 275 Court Road opened its doors at the end of November and is run by local husband and wife duo Mustie and Jackie Konche.

A micro pub is a compact licensed venue, typically comprising a single small room featuring a bar. The main emphasis in most micro pubs is on offering distinctive, locally-produced beers and ales often from independent microbreweries within the vicinity.

The small but mighty venue serves craft lager, cask ale’s, IPA’s, fine wines and spirits.

Mustie told the News Shopper: "This is our first venue. It is something my wife and I have always wanted – she's dreamt of owning a bar, and I've always loved these micropubs. I find them brilliant in the way they bring people together in conversation and such.

“You don't really get that in a big pub. Even over the short period since we've been open, so many people have come in, walked past each other, and ended up sitting together, having a chat.

“It's been a great experience."

News Shopper: Inside the venueInside the venue (Image: BB)

Mustie and Jackie have teamed up with their godson Billy, brother-in-Law Matt and head bar maid Danielle have been working hard to make the venue a warm and welcoming place for punters.

He explained that it had been a lot of hard work getting the pub open and they are currently still getting used to the day to day – but have lots of plans for future events and even merchandise.

Mustie added: "We're just playing it out, literally just seeing how it's going. So far, it's been absolutely fantastic and we're loving every second of it. I don't think we've ever been so busy."

Talking about the opening weekend, he said: "It was absolutely rammed on the first Thursday.

“It was very emotional and fantastic to see everyone in the community coming out to support us.

“Friday was very busy again, which was great. Saturday was a bit quieter, but still, it had a lovely atmosphere. Sunday was a nice, steady day as well."

News Shopper: The pub is pet friendlyThe pub is pet friendly (Image: BB)

The pub has a focus on supporting local brewers and will switch up their draft offerings on the regular.

Mustie explained that they also made sure that they had plenty of craft lager options– which other micropubs sometimes miss out.

He added: "We're dog friendly and uh…we also had a lady bring in a cat as well. So I guess we're cat friendly too.”

The pub has now launched takeaway pints in milk cartons, for those who wish to enjoy a craft beer at home.