Who would have thought that in the heart of Soho would sit a laid-back Tel Aviv fantasy which takes you to a paradise of Israeli style eating and drinking?!

Kapara is on Manette Street in Soho and has a gorgeous pink and green interior with a modern and classy style.

The restaurant’s concept is by Chef Eran Tibi and its menu is made up of middle Eastern flavours.

Kapara describes itself as “what happens when you give a bunch of crazy Israelis free reign over two floors in central Soho”, and it’s an all-day, all-night “anything goes affair”.

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I went on a Wednesday evening, and it was nice to see the restaurant still busy with private dining downstairs and other diners enjoying the upstairs.

There’s a stunning bar as you walk in which makes the aesthetic of the restaurant second-to-none, and the pink interior won me over straight away.

All the waiters and waitresses were extremely friendly, and they were more than happy to help with the menu, and with recommendations or any amendments to dishes.

There is a limited time-only festive menu on at Kapara at the moment, lasting until January 13, with different packages to suit different budgets and drinks preferences.

I went for just the a la carte menu, which changes with the seasons, and started with some starters under the “foreplay” section.

News Shopper: Pita chips and aubergine messPita chips and aubergine mess (Image: Im)

My boyfriend and I ordered some pita chips with shawarma and green tahini and some cheesy balls, which came with eleggio, mozzarella, harissa, jalapeno, honey and lime.

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I imagine your mouth is watering reading that, and you can imagine how bursting with flavour these foods were.

My favourite were the pita chips, and we then had some bits from the plates, or mains section of the menu.

We had Carmel market greens, bonfire sweet potato, aubergine mess and burnt broccoli.

You can imagine it wasn’t just sweet potato, aubergine and broccoli, but these were all absolutely filled with flavour, spice, tang and some divine added extras such as figs with broccoli, lychee with aubergine and miso with the greens.

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There isn’t much more I can add, because the dishes pretty much speak for themselves, but it was delicious, high quality, fresh and we just couldn’t get enough of it.

We paired our food with a “naughty Gazoz” which is a cocktail made with the restaurant’s own small batch syrups, fresh and seasonal fruit and herbs, spices and flowers.

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We had the blackberry and lavender one which was paired with Bombay Sapphire gin – it was potent, it was sweet, it was slightly tangy, and it was just as different and tasty as the food.

If you go anywhere this December, make it Kapara.