A South London council has been asked to carry out immediate action on a series of “eyesores” on a local road such as overgrown trees and a collapsed wall, which residents fear could put peoples’ lives at risk.

Greenwich Council has been sent a petition to resolve a series of maintenance issues on Revell Rise in Plumstead.

The petition, sent by local resident Debbie Phillips, has received 58 signatures and calls on the authority to maintain the green spaces and hedges around Revell Rise, as well as address risks such as overgrown trees and a collapsed wall.

It claimed that the council had neglected to answer several complaints about green spaces in the area for the past 20 years.

The petition said: “The urgency of this matter cannot be overstated. Neglected maintenance not only creates an eyesore but also poses significant risks to the community.

"The overgrown trees and hedges are not only unsightly but have become a potential danger to residents. The collapsed wall has resulted in property damage, causing financial and emotional distress to homeowners.”

They added: “Moreover, the risk of a tree falling onto a property is a pressing concern, with the unstable hill adding to the imminent danger.

"If action is not taken promptly, lives and property will remain at risk, and the deterioration of our local environment will continue unabated.”

Greenwich Council said in its response that it was sorry to hear about the residents’ concerns, and that an assessment and works had been carried out in the area as a result.

The authority said a new mower had been bought to cut the grass on Revell Rise and it would be regularly maintained going forward.

Trees in the area had also been surveyed but none could be found with significant defects, and several had recently been pruned as they had branches that could fall.

The council added: “The housing team have currently commissioned engineers to complete topological surveys of the area and will be drilling boreholes to understand any work needed to the banking.

"This will be a major project to complete therefore surveying correctly to understand the work required is key. Once decisions are made around a future approach to this area we will communicate with residents about actions we are looking to take.”

The petition for the authority to carry out maintenance works around Revell Rise will be discussed at a Greenwich Council meeting on December 6.