We all love an unknown secret, and we all love finding those hidden gems that are yet to be discovered by everyone else.

I think mine has already been discovered, but I want to spread the word even further.

Underneath The Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square is Chop Chop – a Chinese restaurant which is something to be celebrated.

There are a number of restaurants at the Casino, and this one sits on the bottom floor hidden away in a corner.

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It’s often hard to find goodies, especially in a city where there are so many restaurants and cuisines to choose from, so take my recommendation with this one.

The menu at Chop Chop is really extensive, with a long list of different meat and vegetarian options.

As someone who doesn’t eat much meat, I really appreciate a good fish or veggie menu.

My friend and I ended up there because we had tickets for Magic Mike, which is a show in another part of the Casino.

The show is probably a story for a different time, but we wanted a quick and easy, but nice, dinner beforehand, and that’s exactly what we got.

My go-to starter at a Chinese restaurant is always spring rolls, so I got those while my friend got the crispy duck and pancakes which comes in different portion sizes depending on who is going for it.

The spring rolls were delicious, and she really enjoyed her duck too.

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I had some Miraval Rose wine and my friend had some rose prosecco, and we had a right good old gossip while we ate.

For mains my friend ordered the soya chicken, while I had the whole roasted seabass.

We shared some egg fried rice, mixed vegetables chow mein and some stir fried broccoli on the side.

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Admittedly we had LOADS of food, and probably too much, but can you ever really go wrong with too much Chinese food and a load of different bits and flavours to dip into?!

The egg fried rice was really fluffy and I really liked that, and it worked nicely with the fresh, moist seabass which came with two huge fillets.

We ended up both picking at everything, and we couldn’t get enough of it.

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Although we were stuffed there was so much more that we could have got – including dumplings, bao buns and all sorts of different meats with different sauces, and not to mention desserts too which I’ll definitely be going back for next time.

The restaurant was busy and lively, and the waiters were all extremely helpful and friendly too.

It’s safe to say we had done the opposite of work up an appetite for Magic Mike, but it was good to go and watch on a full stomach, especially considering how much alcohol was consumed in that part of the evening too…