On the 9th of November, BBC Bitesize came to Simon Langton Girls School to talk about careers and future paths. Bitesize is run through the BBC and aims to help students from any age with homework and studying. The website itself has many tools and tips on a range of career options, highlighting what jobs there are in fields of interest, such as Art and Design, Geography or Modern Languages. This shows the accessible range and diversity BBC offers to schools and young minds. Simon Langton said: “We were excited to welcome the BBC Bitesize Schools Tour team into our school.”
 Students were introduced to the amazing panel as they were interviewed about their careers and academic journeys. From the Director of Dulcima Sustainable Fashion to the Director of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Pfizer they each offered valuable advice to all attending students. Langton’s careers advisor Dr. Cavey said: “The aim was for the event to be educational and inspiring.”
Another aim for this programme was to show children how to achieve their goals, and most importantly that not everything goes the way originally expected. One man told us that he got so desperate to get a job he dressed up in a costume to go into his interview. Later, another opportunity arose and he got a job with the company.
Overall, the Bitesize School Tour gave personal insight on future paths as well as encouraging the Langton value of ambition. It taught my school as well as the hundreds other students they visited to dream big and to not be discouraged by setbacks in one’s future. From scientists to news directors to business owners, Bitesize set this programme up to prepare younger minds for the future.