There have been no further updates from Bromley Council after a town centre car park has remained closed for nearly two months.

Safety concerns prompted the immediate closure of the Hill car park in Bromley on October 4, following deteriorating conditions found in a survey.

The surrounding area of the car park includes key attractions such as The Glades, Churchill Theatre and Bromley Park.

Bromley Council explained that the concrete in the building was not RAAC, but they were aware for more than a decade that the car park was approaching the end of its lifespan, which is why the condition has been closely monitored.

The multi-storey facility, which has been in long-term decline, had previously seen partial closure for similar concerns.

The car park on Beckenham Lane was partially demolished in 2012 in order to prolong the life span of the building.

The council says that regular condition surveys have been undertaken but latest enquiry shows that one of the concrete slabs has weakened significantly, leading to its full closure.

Councillor Nicholas Bennett, Executive Councillor for Transport, Highways and Road Safety said, “We have expected this news to come forward at some point even though the latest survey results were a great disappointment.

“Safety is absolutely paramount, which is why we have acted to close this car park as soon as we understood the outcome of the survey work.

“There is nearby car parking that can be used, both on street and in other car parks. “We will now seek to understand more about the condition and the options available to us.”

Following the closure, further investigation into the car park's condition will be carried out and future options will be considered.

The car park's regular users and season ticket holders are being advised to use nearby alternatives such as Station Road car park, the Civic Centre multistorey at Stockwell Close and several on-street parking spots.