A new pavilion for Orpington Football Club has been approved and received planning permission from Bromley Council.

On November 9, Orpington FC was granted planning permission for a new community pavilion in Goddington Park.

The initiative, which needed “very special circumstances" to build on the green space in the park, was spearheaded by Orpington FC in partnership with the Millwall Community Trust.

It promises positive impacts on health, sport, and recreation for local residents.

Following the Council’s decision, Orpington FC’s Chairman, Tom Shrubshall, said: "I am thrilled to announce that our dreams have become a reality. With great joy and gratitude, we celebrate the granting of planning permission for our new community clubhouse at Goddington Park.

“This milestone marks a significant chapter in our club's history, paving the way for a brighter future. Together, we will build more than just a clubhouse; we will forge lasting memories, nurture talent, and strengthen the bonds that unite us on and off the field.

“Let this be a testament to the power of perseverance, teamwork, and the unwavering support of our dedicated members.

“Here's to the exciting journey ahead and may our new community clubhouse stand as a beacon of pride for generations to come”.

Over 70 club members who attended the council meeting cheered approval development after more than four years of hard work.

The club shelled out £45,000 on consultation fees and volunteers clocked over 5,000 hours in a bid to secure planning permission.

In March 2020, the football club carried out a consultation with over 650 park users and nearby residents resulting in 92 per cent agreeing to the proposal of a new pavilion.

The majority vote prompted Orpington FC to move forward with their plan.

A spokesperson for the club said: "Once we received positive feedback on the building design and proposed location from the planning department, we then worked with the Football Foundation and Sports Clubhouses, an architect experienced in developing community sporting facilities, to design the first version of our community pavilion."

The initial submission by Orpington FC was turned down due to a lack of a compelling argument for "very special circumstances", necessary for establishing a building within a green space.

The club decided to make adjustments in their plan, shrinking the building size by 21 per cent from the original design.

An agreement with Millwall Community Trust, pending the development of the new pavilion, spurred their progress.

Initiatives planned include holiday camps, walking football sessions for those over 45, programmes for children with physical disabilities, and schemes to combat climate change and nature loss, amongst others.

The club's statement added: "Our proposed partnership with Millwall Community Trust will expand the facility’s sport and fitness offering well beyond the club’s 600 players and their families."

Peter Varney, Executive Vice Chairman of Millwall Community Trust said: “Everyone at Millwall Community Trust is delighted to see planning consent granted for the new pavilion.

“Millwall Community Trust has a track record in running programmes from Toddler Soccer right up to Walking Football for seniors and we are proud to partner with such a progressive and significant grassroots club as Orpington FC.

“These programmes will be delivered at the new site and will deliver such a positive outcome for residents and young people across the Borough, and we will work hard to play our part in using these programmes to tackle some of the key social issues we all face in our communities just as we are already doing so successfully in Lewisham, Southwark and Sevenoaks".