We have rounded up what insects Londoners are truly afraid of, and where the worst place is to find a creepy crawly.

To celebrate tombola, sponsors of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! for the seventh year, the bingo site conducted new research on the nation's sentiments toward creepy crawlies.

As the nation settles down in their living rooms to become engrossed in one of the biggest TV viewing events of the year, it seems they’re not so keen on actually going into the jungle or indeed finding unwanted creepy crawlies in the bedroom.

This has led to 5.4 million brits decamping to their sofas to sleep, new research reveals.

Recent data shows that Londoners are most scared of cockroaches (29 per cent), shortly followed by tarantulas (27 per cent).

It also found that 39 per cent of Londoners would catch a bug in a glass and throw it out of a window, and just 5 per cent would physically leave their house and go to someone else’s house to sleep.

As a nation, many also see the benefits of bugs, with over a third (36 per cent) looking after insects in their gardens with bug-friendly practices or by educating others about their importance.

60 per cent of people in London said the worst place to find a bug would be in their beds, and 55 per cent said they dislike bugs because they crawl on your skin.

While nearly seven in 10 women (69 per cent) ask a partner or someone else to help remove them, less than a quarter (22 per cent) of men have done the same.

I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! could be the most challenging entertainment show on TV, but nearly half of the country (54 per cent) say they would consider going on the widely anticipated show. Despite this, 40 per cent of Londoners- said there is “absolutely no chance” that they would ever step foot in the Australian jungle.

Bingo brand tombola has sponsored the show since 2017, with their popular bug advertisements becoming synonymous with the show itself.

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James Boord, Group Marketing Director from tombola, said: “Bugs and insects have always had a bad rap, and the fact that over five million of us have given up our beds and slept on the sofa to avoid a creepy-crawly really shows how much they get under our skin as a nation.

“However, it’s positive to see that a big proportion of Brits positively view the bugs, such as the impact they have on our ecosystem – we hope that everyone will start to celebrate our many-legged friends.

"This is why we’re back sponsoring I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! for the seventh year running.

“We’re so excited to be bringing back our fan-favourite tombola bugs and our free ‘Bug Match’ game for another year.”