Horrified neighbours have described a dog in Belvedere as a “lunatic” after attacking its owners in Belvedere.

A woman and a man were found injured at a home in Bedwell Road at around 8.20am on November 20.

The pair were rushed to hospital where the woman’s condition was initially assessed as critical, and the man obtained minor injuries.

A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police confirmed yesterday (November 21) that she is now in a stable condition.

Residents of The Chestnuts flats in Albert Road said they believe the animal involved in the attack was a large American bulldog.

The woman, believed to be a mum and grandmother, who lived in the flats for around three years, “liked a drink” and would rarely take her dogs – of which she had at least two - out for a walk, according to locals.

The door of the flat was held slightly ajar by a pink children’s toy, whilst a police officer guarded the door following the attack.

All residents who knew of the dogs said they would bark loudly at them as they walked past the windows of the ground-floor flat which looked out onto Bedwell Road.

Multiple residents also mentioned an attack by the dog around a year ago, though none knew exactly what had happened.

A mum living in one of the flats believes the larger of the woman’s dogs was an American Bulldog.

She said: “She likes a drink and likes a smoke. She had a daughter and a granddaughter who were over a lot of the time.

“We didn’t like the dogs because they would always jump up at the window and scare our kids as we walked past.

“There was an incident about a year ago. She was so drunk she couldn’t control the dog.”

The woman said she didn’t know the name of the victim, but said she nicknamed her “ET” as she would always see her with her hood up.

George Quinn, a letting agent who has lived in the area since 1995, said: “I know the woman has a couple of dogs.

“I have never seen her take them out for a walk or anything.

“Any time I take out my bins they’re always barking.

“They would have been going nuts. You can’t have dogs in flat unless you exercise them.

“They were always barking in there. They seemed quite aggressive dogs.

“Every time you walk past they bark – even though they can’t see you – and you hear someone say “shut up” or something.

“They were quite big dogs... They weren’t little,” the 60-year-old added.

The "dangerous" dog attacked another smaller dog last year, revealed another local business owner.

Video footage seen by SWNS from February last year showed the huge white dog, which looked like an American Bulldog, approach another small dog which began barking.

The larger dog’s owner is seen losing control of her pet, which is on a lead, before being pulled and falling onto the floor.

Her dog is then seen chasing and latching onto the smaller dog, before leaving with its owner following it.

The business owner, who showed the video footage, but did not wish to share it, said: “The lady’s dog is temperamental.

“It attacked this other dog – a small puppy. Its owner posted on a local Facebook group, trying to find out who the owner of the big dog was."

He added: “That dog was dangerous.

"I know that. If it was around, I won’t go out.”

Another man, who gave his name only as John and lives a few floors above Mr Quinn, said one of the woman’s dogs, which was an “XL bully type”, was a “lunatic”.

“I’ve had rows with her before,” John said.

“One of the dogs was a lunatic. It was an XL Bully type. She’s been here about three years.

“She smokes weed and drinks quite a lot. It might have attacked her in a park about a year ago.”

Another mother living in The Chestnuts flats said: “The dog barks at the children when they go out and play.

“The dog would bark and [the woman] would shout to shut him up.

“Hopefully, she’s okay. It’s a really sad situation.”

An elderly woman living in one flat said she had stroked both the victim’s “big” dogs, which she said were rescued, and that they were “lovely” – but could “turn” like any dog.

A man named Wayne, whose partner lives at The Chestnuts, said the larger of the victim’s dogs was a “fruitcake”.

He added: “The one that bit her was a big breed, but it’s hard to say which.

“[The victim] spent more time indoors drinking than taking the dogs out.

“At one time she had three dogs. One was a pocket bully, a sweet little thing.

“But the big one was just a fruitcake. You can tell with dogs... I wouldn’t trust it.

“I think they were rescue dogs. They were always barking.”

The dog involved received injuries during the attack and police used a taser on the animal.

It was held in another room by officers following the attack where it died shortly after.