A South London café has sent an application to start serving booze, with locals criticising the plans as they claim the area is already “rife with drug addicts and alcoholics”.

Lopeto Café in Priory Gardens has applied for a licence to serve alcohol from 11am to 10pm every day.

Bromley Council documents said the café in Orpington has space for 40 customers and serves a range of drinks and sandwiches.

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The plans have received over 30 objections from locals, with many citing concerns about the existing antisocial behaviour such as ducks being “shot with catapults” by teenagers.

They also said the nearby high street, Carlton Parade, already had issues with drugs and alcohol.

One resident said: “That area is rife with drug addicts, alcoholics and beggars. The café has established a beautiful little corner of the park where families can relax and enjoy the park at all times of the day.

"Introducing alcohol into the equation would radically change what Orpington residents value to a seedy little addition to Carlton Parade where the beggars and drug addicts congregate.”

Conservative Councillor Kim Botting, who represents the Orpington ward, said she was aware that drunks already frequented the park and felt the provision of alcohol would exacerbate the problem.

However, some park users voiced their support of the plans.

One local said in their comment: “Lovely idea to have controlled drinking environment in a nice setting. Hopefully will deter antisocial park users later in the day and encourage more people to come to Orpington.”

Council documents said the café was equipped with CCTV that covers all doors. They added that any person in the premises would be fully captured by one of the cameras.

The applicant said: “I will make sure at all times that alcohol sales are done in our premises, there are sufficient, trained, well prepared staff that are aware of licensing objectives and know how to deal with drunk people and prevent crime and disorder. I will provide adequate training for the staff.

"Also the rules and conditions of selling alcohol, especially prohibition of sale to underage customers, will be strictly followed.”

The application added that staff were aware that any sort of crime should be immediately reported to the police.

The application from Lopeto Café to serve booze will be discussed at a licensing meeting for Bromley Council on November 20.