A Petts Wood micropub is welcoming in a new chapter as the community bids farewell to the previous landlord Barry who has handed the reins to a new and enthusiastic team.

The One Inn the Wood micropub aims to blend of tradition and fresh energy, with promises of a new lease of life being brought to the venue as well as continued dedication to the local community.

The pub, nestled just a quick stroll from Petts Wood train station, has been a local gem since its opening in May 2014.

Barry Bridge, the original landlord, and his wife Sarah decided it was time to retire after nearly ten years of steering the ship.

He told the News Shopper: "It's a big responsibility, and after a while, we just thought it was time to move on.

“The pub was successful from day one but was completely mental. We really hit the ground running.”

Barry explained how the pub won the regional Pub of the Year award for Greater London in his second year of opening, a notable achievement considering the competition within the M25 area.

He highlights that their pub was the first and remains the only one in Bromley to have received this recognition so far.

News Shopper: Inside the venueInside the venue (Image: OITW)

Barry explained that he first noticed the micropub phenomenon unfolding in Kent and he envisioned starting a community-focused establishment that embraced the traditional essence of a local pub.

He added: "We wanted to bring back the old-fashioned feeling of going to the pub, that sense of community, and that buzzy atmosphere.”

One Inn the Wood quickly became a hub for beer enthusiasts, emphasizing variety and supporting local breweries – many of which were in Kent.

Barry, 57, prided himself on maintaining a rotating selection that kept beer drinkers engaged, making each visit a unique experience. "We constantly changed the beer on tap, not having the same ones all the time. That ever-changing board keeps it interesting for beer drinkers.”

On October 24 the baton was passed to a new team led by Martyn Rodden, his wife Julie, Carrie Anne Mick and her partner.

News Shopper: Awards that the pub has recievedAwards that the pub has recieved (Image: OITW)

The new owners, all locals, have promised to build on the pub's legacy while infusing fresh ideas.

Martyn explained: "I worked in bars and used to run bars when I lived in Scotland as a young man. I always wanted to come back into it at some point."

A casual conversation with Barry led to a decision to take over the pub, aligning with Martyn and his business partner's desire to invest in a community hub. The duo, along with their families, aims to breathe new life into the pub.

"We're a dog-friendly, family-friendly pub. We've got loads of little ideas that we're trying to bring to life," Martyn said.

From introducing a whiskey menu and charcuterie offerings to hosting events like quiz nights and wine tastings, the new owners are eager to maintain the pub's charm while adding their unique touch.

The new owners collaborated with local brewery, the Mutineers, resulting in a special beer called "The New Bhoys."

News Shopper: The New BoysThe New Boys (Image: OITW)

There are also plans for a wall dedicated to pictures of regular visitors dogs, a testament to the pub's dog-friendly ethos.

Rex, the new pub dog is eager to greet visitors and other canine friends – with the promise of dog treats behind the bar.

Additionally, the team is working on organizing events, including carol singers every week throughout December and the possibility of a small beer festival in May 2024.

As One Inn the Wood undergoes a refresh in January, patrons can also look forward to seeing the venue as the refurbishment will “bring a bit of life back to it”.

Barry, despite his retirement, expressed his faith in the new owners. He looks back on his time at the pub fondly, remembering a number of charity events they did and how they tried to help the community.

News Shopper: Barry looks back on his time as landlord fondly Barry looks back on his time as landlord fondly (Image: OITW)

He explained: “During the lockdown, we gathered a bunch of laptops and tablets, giving them a thorough wipe-down before distributing them to local schools.

“We aimed to support kids learning from home, many of whom were struggling to afford the necessary technology.

“We're proud to share that we successfully cleaned and supplied over 120 laptops and tablets during the lockdown period. The entire experience was incredibly rewarding.

“Doing these kind acts brings about a genuine sense of fulfilment and leaves you with heartwarming memories.

“It's nice that we've made a difference. How little or how big that is, is open to opinion, but I think we've made quite a bit of difference to quite a few people's lives over the last 10 years, and all for the better.

“The friendships made, business deals done, relationships started in the pub - That's quite a nice feeling when you come away from it.”

As One Inn the Wood embarks on this new journey, the local community eagerly anticipates the continuation of its legacy as a cherished gathering place.