A 48-year-old man who was previously jailed for 10 years for armed robbery has been sent to prison again for repeatedly beating up his girlfriend. 

Shelford Brizey beat, strangled and abused his vulnerable partner out of jealousy and an irrational belief that she was cheating on him. 

The abuse eventually came to light when he chased her around a hotel lobby in Camberwell. 

On Thursday (November 16) Brizey was sentenced to five and a half years in prison after a jury found him guilty of two counts of strangulation, two counts of assault causing actual bodily harm and two counts of assault by beating. 

“You imposed your insecurities on her” 

News Shopper: Shelford Brizey pictured in 2004Shelford Brizey pictured in 2004 (Image: Met Police)In 2004 Brizey was jailed for 10 years for the armed robbery of a post office where he assaulted the shop keeper. 

He spent much of life in and out of prison until 2016 when the court heard he became determined to turn his life around. 

The court heard that Brizey met his victim in a pub and after her partner died in tragic circumstances they began a relationship. 

The victim was particular vulnerable due to pre-existing mental health problems, the court was told. 

“Mr Brizey targeted her for this very reason, that he know about these vulnerabilities and that these made her far less likely to report him because she was reliant on him,” prosecutor Claire Langevad said. 

The relationship quickly became abusive, often triggered by Brizey’s jealousy. 

“You soon imposed your insecurities on her,” the Judge Richards told Brizey.“The predominant theme of your relationship was that you thought she was interested in other men, in fact, she was only interested in you.” 

The court heard how often he sent flowers and cards to apologise for his abusive behaviour, and because of the victim’s fear of being alone she put up with him. 

In one incident on New Year’s Day he punched her twice in the face while sitting in Euston Station Car park. 

In another incident, on January 24, he threw her across a hotel room and hit her in the ribs before strangling her until she passed out. 

When she regained consciousness he was packing his bags to leave, but she asked him to stay. 

After this incident their relationship stalled for several months but they got back together around Easter, the court heard. 

“You made promises to her that you had changed, you begged her to give you one last chance,” Judge Richards told Brizey. 

“You chased her through the hotel” 

Soon after they got back together, they stayed in a hotel in Camberwell on April 8. 

That evening Brizey became convinced that she had given another man her number. 

His emotions exploded and he began shouting abuse at her before he threw her against a wall and punched her. 

Brizey then strangled her again, the court heard. 

Later that evening Brizey left the hotel and later the victim texted him saying she had phoned police. 

Brizey returned to the hotel room and punched her, saying: “Tell the police this.” 

This attack culminated in Brizey chasing her into the hotel lobby where she was given refuge by another couple. 

Brizey was then arrested and has been in custody ever since. 

At the subsequent trial, Brizey tried to suggest that the victim’s injuries were fabricated or self inflicted – but the jury rejected this explanation. 

Reading a victim impact statement, prosecutor Ms Langevad said: “She describes how due to this abuse her PTSD has got worse, she’s lost three stones in weight and now finds it difficult to trust people.  

“She describes how her children are fearful of Mr Brizey and are fearful of when he’s released from custody.  

“As a result of this she’s been advised to leave the house she’s lived in for 20 years, leaving the supportive neighbours she’s lived with for years.” 

Sentencing Brizey, Judge Richard jailed him for five and a half years and issued a seven year restraining order.