Neighbours of a South London Airbnb say they feel unsafe as guests wee on the house’s driveway.

Locals in East Greenwich have voiced their concerns about an Airbnb on their street, claiming the area has become a “circus” as a result.

The owner of the property sent an application to Greenwich Council to allow the two-storey Victorian house on Trafalgar Grove to be used as a commercial guest house.

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Council documents noted that the proposal was retrospective as the four-bedroom house is currently being used as an AirbnB.

The topic was discussed at a planning committee meeting for Greenwich Council on November 14.

One neighbour of the property said the street had become a “circus” from the increased traffic and amount of parties in the Airbnb, which had been operating for three years.

Local resident Lauren Pinchers said she felt the house was being used for rentals more than it was currently legally permitted to do so.

She added that she was concerned about the number of people staying at the Airbnb, despite the listing for the property reportedly only offering space for eight guests.

Ms Pinchers said at the meeting: “We said eight people. I’ve seen 12-15 people piling out of that house. I’ve got a Ring doorbell, I can show you all the footage. It’s all the time and they’re not families, they are groups of friends.

"How are they using one bathroom? Well they’re not, they’re urinating on the driveway.”

She added: “It’s a residential street. It doesn’t feel appropriate. I don’t always feel safe not knowing who’s outside my house.”

Council officers said in their report that the change of use would not have any detrimental impact on neighbours, given the outside of the house remaining the same.

They added that the Airbnb would provide high-quality accommodation to tourists and would be appropriate for the surrounding area.

The report also said the site does not have any formal off-street parking spaces.

However, officers did confirm at the meeting that guests were seemingly being permitted to illegally park at the back of the property.

Labour Councillor Majella Anning said at the meeting: “We’ve heard evidence tonight of a blatant disregard of regulations for three years. Blatant disregard of the requirement not to have parking.

"Blatant disregard of the number of people who are staying there. The sorts of people who are being attracted to this property include people who are carrying out antisocial behaviour in a residential street with children. So I am very dubious of this application.”

The planning committee voted to refuse permission for the house to be changed into a commercial guest house, on the basis of the noise, pollution and antisocial behaviour arising from the property.