I visited Noci, a fun, modern Italian restaurant in Shoreditch, for an evening of pasta, nibbles and wine.

You find Noci right around the corner from Old Street station making it the perfect spot for anyone working in Shoreditch looking for a cute, after work dinner, but it’s equally ideal for those living in Shoreditch looking for a fun meal out with friends.

To start, my friend and I both could not resist the nduja arancini with parmesan foam.

The arancini was crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, just as arancini should be, and the nduja centre added a smokiness and spiciness making them all the more delicious.

I had never heard of parmesan foam before and it was tasty in an unexpected way – I never knew that I could enjoy parmesan in such a light and fluffy way.

For my main course, it was difficult to choose between all of the unique, innovative pasta dishes.

While I was tempted by the cacio e pepe, I ultimately decided to try the trofie with borlotti beans, tomato, celery and crispy pancetta because it is a dish I haven’t seen in any other restaurant before.

The celery added a crunch to the dish and the pancetta gave a meaty, smoky flavour.

My friend chose the silk handkerchiefs, beef and marsala jus, confit egg yolk, guanciale and sage crisp pasta.

She absolutely loved how rich and savoury it was, with the egg yolk making it all the more creamy.

Alongside my meal I sipped on some cotes de provences rose, my absolute favourite, and my friend enjoyed the limoncello spritz which was both sharp and sweet.

For dessert, I chose the pistachio ice cream and an espresso martini and my friend has the chocolate affogato and an espresso martini.

I haven’t had an espresso martini in years and I was not disappointed.

The coffee flavour was strong without being too bitter and there was enough sweetness to make it a moreish drink.

My ice cream was creamy and sweet without being sickly, I would definitely recommend it to anyone grabbing dessert here, I would go as far as to say dessert was the highlight of my meal.

The vibes of Noci’s interior and cool and relaxing, with green accents throughout.