On Friday 10th November, Newstead Wood School observed a two minute silence, a day ahead of Armistice Day.

Teachers, students and even Year 11 students, who are currently taking exams, gathered on the field at 11am to commemorate those who have fallen in conflict in the past and the present, despite the rain and the mud. The Last Post was played on a French Horn. The atmosphere was solemn.

The next day, Armistice Day, on Saturday 11th November at 11am, millions around the country joined in a two minute silence.

Armistice Day marks when World War 1 ended, at the time thought to be one of the worst wars in history. But, on this day, people remember both World Wars and other wars, especially those who have suffered or are suffering from it.

The poppy is a symbol for the war, as it is said poppies grew on the battlefield after the war. Paper poppies have been sold everywhere, including supermarkets, schools and train stations; the proceeds going to charities, such as The Poppy Appeal. They support veterans of war and those who have been impacted as a result of war or someone in war.

Currently, there are conflicts all around the world, most notably in Gaza and Ukraine. It is important that we aim to work towards peace. As a country, we are lucky to not be at war and we should be grateful as not everyone is in such a fortunate position. Some people may know people who have died in conflict.

We thank the soldiers for their service and sacrifice during World War. But also, we remember and pray for those currently affected by war.