Diwali celebrations 

Diwali is known as the festival of light. Diwali coming from the Sanskrit word Deepavali means row of lights. But the story of this massive Hindu celebration goes far back. Many years ago, there was a warrior called Ram. Ram was banished from his country by his own father. His father told him that he could only come back after he lived in a forest for 14 years. As he was in the forest, his wife, Sita, was kidnapped by Ravana. Ravana had ten heads. However, Ram saved her with the aid of his brother and Hanuman, a Hindu god. Ram returned home and when he arrived, people were really happy and lighted candles. There are many different stories as to how Diwali started however this is the more common one. The festival celebrates goodness and triumph.  

However, there are other beliefs about the beginning of Diwali. One which commemorates Krishna’s defeat of Narakasura, a demon. Sikhs celebrate it as the day of liberation. This day is important for Sikhs as it celebrates the day when Guru Hargobind and 52 other Hindu Kings were released from imprisonment.  

How is it celebrated? 

A lot of people light lamps outside their homes and the light symbolises power and luck. People also usually clean their homes, wear new clothes to symbolise new beginnings and give gifts. It is common to decorate doorsteps with rangoli patterns as well and open windows as it helps guide Lakshmi into their homes. Firework displays are also held around the world to celebrate this festival.  

Diwali holds a lot of importance as it shows the power of good over evil and light over darkness.