Orpington Locals Ignite Change with an Empowering 10-Mile Charity Stride. On September 28th, a resolute group of around 20 individuals, with 2 from Orpington, set forth on a transformative 10-mile circular journey, commencing from the iconic Southwark Bridge.  

Their chosen cause was Home-Start, a charity dedicated to aiding and uplifting families during challenging times. To amplify their impact, each participant adorned hi-vis jackets or T-shirts proudly bearing the charity's name, creating a moving awareness campaign throughout their transformative 10-mile journey. 

At 10 am, the day unfolded with a collective gathering, marking the commencement of a transformative journey for change. Amidst the iconic streets of London, where Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Westminster, and Trafalgar Square stood witness, spirits soared high as participants paraded through the city—a symbolic stride towards positive transformation. Intermittently along the journey, participants took well-deserved breaks, strategically designed to recharge and rejuvenate their spirits.  

“At approximately the 7-mile mark, self-doubt crept in, challenging my resolve to complete the entire walk. Nevertheless, with unwavering determination, I recognised the task at hand and propelled myself forward.” said Pinki Vikram, a member of the team from Orpington.  

Despite facing formidable challenges, each participant persevered, triumphantly completing the walk and returning to Southwark Bridge by approximately 3 pm—an admirable feat that required over 5 hours of continuous dedication.  

"Discovering profound joy in conquering a personal challenge that tested my limits was immensely satisfying, especially knowing it contributed to a charitable cause. This transformative experience has left an indelible mark on my life, and I fervently hope others have the opportunity to participate in a charity event, revelling in the shared joy and satisfaction that comes from giving back.", said Jenish Ailine, a member of the team from Orpington after completing the 10 miles.  

Amidst shared laughter, tired yet satisfied smiles, and a palpable sense of camaraderie, the participants reflected on the profound impact of their endeavour. The streets of London had not only witnessed a parade of purpose but had become a canvas for unity and positive change.  

A target of £500 was set to be fundraised in the process of the walk however at the end the total money raised was more than double at £1000! 

Orpington locals raised £1000, double their goal, in a 10-mile charity walk for Home-Start. Symbolising unity and positive change, participants overcame challenges and look forward to future opportunities for impact.