With so many eating out options available to us within Bromley, choosing a place to have a nice meal can be tricky!! Should it be Italian, or will it be Turkish, or shall we go for the old & evergreen British pub food – this is a question that all of us dread facing every weekend.

Miso Noodle bar, a Japanese restaurant, aims to be the choice for the Bromley residents. It is an ideal place to dine with family and friends on a pleasant evening. It is warm, cosy and quite stylish. So, here’s all the information about it and why you should go there more often.

What is it?

Miso noodle bar is a chain of restaurants and in the UK, it has its branches in Orpington, Bromley, Beckenham, and Croydon. Miso bar opened in 1999 and since then has been serving healthy and delicious Japanese cuisine. They have experienced chefs, who use fresh ingredients to create scrumptious delicacies. They offer noodles, rice dishes, side orders and dim sum, which is perfect choice when sharing lunch or dinner with friends and family.


Miso offers a variety of different meals, desserts and drinks. There are numerous types of noodles such as sauce-based noodles, wok fried noodles and noodles in soup stock, as well as Rice based options. You can see an example of a sauce-based noodle (chicken in chilli and oriental black bean sauce).

The Beckenham Miso Noodle Bar also has the option of ordering Chinese dishes, in addition to the Japanese menu. This is an amazing innovation as one can order a mix of authentic Japanese and Chinese dishes in the same place.

What is it like?

The interior décor of the Miso Noodle Bar is quite stylish yet functional. In the Beckenham branch, one can get a nice table with large glass windows by the High Street – it can actually be an idyllic experience to enjoy nice food whilst watching the ever so busy high street traffic and men & women passing by. The staff are also quite friendly as well as efficient. You can expect the food to be delivered hot to you within a few minutes of placing the order. The staff also find time to have a quick word or two with the guests to bring in the personal factor in their service, which further enhances the overall experience for the guests.

In summary, Miso Noodle Bar is indeed an excellent option for the Bromley residents to go & enjoy a nice and fulfilling Japanese dinner.