The fifth of November is quite a memorable day. Every year we watch fireworks in honour of evading Parliament being blown up. Some people do fireworks from home, and some pay to watch a show. Usually, my family and I would enjoy watching fireworks in a nearby park and maybe meeting friends during or after the show.

However, this year we chose to have a firework show in our garden:

We bought 3 boxes of fireworks from Tesco and used a pot to hold them in place while lighting them up. This was the first year we have done this and we soon after decided that it would become a yearly tradition.

Our firework show wasn’t too extravagant, but we had a lot of family and friends watching with us – each bringing food, sparklers, or fireworks. I think that this is why it was so fun and special.

Although, we weren’t the only people to do this.

The night before we used the fireworks, one other house on our street did the exact same thing and each time we heard the exciting explosions we ran to the window to watch the fireworks.

After doing the same thing for multiple days I realised that more people were doing fireworks at home than going to watch it; so I investigated.

After sending a message on multiple of my mum’s group chats, to about 10-20 people, I found out that none of them had gone to see the fireworks this year. All those people who I had gone to many fireworks shows with previously had not gone this year. Why?

Because watching fireworks at home has become more popular.

After doing this myself I can conclude that I prefer to watch fireworks at home rather than standing in the cold, in the mud, in a crowd of people to watch a show.