In an exciting display of intelligence and excitement, students and staff gathered in the sports hall at Newstead Wood School on the 20th of October to watch the much anticipated “Big House Quiz”. 6 teams, armed with pens and determination, were faced with a medley of questions, each designed to challenge and entertain the crowd.  

Shouts and encouraging remarks echoed throughout the room as eager students cheered on their houses as they sat at their tables, awaiting the competition to start. The teams consisted of 4 members, each a student from KS3, KS4, sixth form and a teacher from each of the 6 houses at Newstead: Nightingale, Wren, Swift, Falcon, Griffin and Phoenix! 

The stage was set for an intellectual showdown as eager minds gathered for the first question to start. A rigorous round of applause kicked off the evening with the first question announced by the quizmaster.  The questions, ranging from history to pop culture, secrets about our own school and, oddly, cocktail recipe's, sparked both contemplation and giggles among the participants. The audience, a mix of supporters and curious onlookers, erupted in applause at the sheer unpredictability of the challenge. 

“It felt both nerve-wracking having so many eyes on me, but I was proud to represent my house” recounts Shreya B in 10F – the KS4 representative for Falcon’s team.  All teams played excellently, demonstrating their ability to think outside the box and their knowledge and expertise in answering the questions.

Animated discussions and strategic planning unfolded, showcasing not just individual brilliance but the power of teamwork, a trait that us at Newstead strive to achieve. Laughter and cheers filled the room as teams celebrated correct answers and good-naturedly lamented over the ones that got away, encouraged by the colourful handmade flags made by some of the supporting spectators. But it wasn’t till the last ten minutes when the competition started to get heated...

Everyone watched in suspense as the quizmaster counted the total points, only to reveal that the teams Falcon and Griffin were in a tie. As the stalemate commenced, tensions rose. Teams huddled together, scrutinizing questions that held the key to valuable points. Both teams were going steady, until one question brought a winner into light. The final question had allowed Griffin to grasp those deciding points, allowing them to emerge victorious.

Griffin had won the Big House Quiz! The room exploded with cheers as people celebrated and congratulated the winners at their tables.  But beyond the glory of victory, what lingered in the room was the spirit of teamwork and Newstead as a community.

The event gifted the crowd with a cherishable memory, and they left for the half term holidays with this in their minds. Participants left with a sense of accomplishment, having not only tested their own limits but also celebrated the joy of learning in a competition that was as entertaining as it was mentally stimulating