Barbie dolls are a core memory of so many childhoods and the film manages to capture that nostalgia perfectly. From the acting to the set design to the costumes and the music, the movie evokes a sense of childlike wonder which alone is reason enough to see the movie. 

But if you find that childhood joy is overshadowed by the criticism of the doll franchise that is prevalent in our society, I urge you to watch the movie and see if it changes your mind. 

The movie is directed by phenomenon Greta Gerwig, known for movies such as ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Little Women’. Gerwig’s work is by no means short of bold feminist statements, and ‘Barbie’ is no different. It demonstrates a reversal of gender roles in the matriarchal society of ‘Barbie Land’ that causes a simultaneously comedic and eye-opening contrast to the patriarchy of the ‘real world’. The movie considers all our views on the racism and body dysmorphia we believe Barbie dolls to have caused and flips them on their head in a seamless and hilarious way, shining a light on the revolutionary introduction of Barbies and the powerful message to girls everywhere that they brought with them. 

The plot centres around ‘Stereotypical Barbie’ (played by Margot Robbie) a citizen of ‘Barbie Land’ – a perfect society controlled by the female barbies who take on all the key roles as doctors, writers and presidents. However, when our main character begins to become less than perfect, she must journey to the real world to fix this. She is accompanied on this journey by ‘Beach Ken’ (played by Ryan Gosling). In this society the Kens are very much the minority, having little to no say, with their only roles being the Barbies’ love interests. When in the ‘real world’ Margot Robbie’s character is introduced to the anti-barbie views of young people while Ryan Gosling discovers the idea of patriarchy. The chaos that ensues is not to be missed. 

However, personally, I find that what truly sets this movie apart is the comedy. The film makes you laugh in such a natural way. It combines comedy and an important message in a masterful way. Making the movie that much more enjoyable and not at all ‘preachy’.   

So, whether it be for the nostalgia, the message, the actors or you want to see what all the fuss is about, I would wholly recommend you watch Barbie and I know you won’t regret it.