A 102-year-old veteran from Bromley marks Remembrance Day by re-telling the moment he escaped a burning plane a day before his mother’s birthday.

Peter Lemon, 102, joined the armed forces in 1940, training for three years as a wireless operator.

During his time in the RAF he completed a total of 50 missions spanning over 4 years, clocking over 1,000 flying hours, before he was eventually discharged in 1946.

In a recent interview with the Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Mike Botting, Peter shared his account of his time as an RAF veteran during World War II.

During the interview, Peter described his near-death experience as he fought to escape a burning aircraft in 1943, sparked by a flare on the ground, during a posting at the city of Aden in Yemen.

Peter said: “The skipper rolled one of these things and it burst and flamed the aircraft from nose to tail.

“And I looked back and the flames were going up through the bomb bay.

“So I pulled myself together, as my mother would say, "I've got to get out".

“And it suddenly came to me - 'It's the 20th of January, it's my mother's birthday tomorrow.

"She's going to get a telegram saying I've been killed.'"

“Next thing I knew, I was out of that aircraft, and to this day I do not know how I got out.”

Peter is one of many veterans and army personnel marking Remembrance Day today, with celebrations taking place across the UK.

Mayor of Bromley and Armed Forces Champion, Mike Botting, described the experience of speaking to Peter as a “privilege” and added that he hoped Peter's account would help others to reflect on the sacrifices made by army veterans.

Mayor of Bromley, Mike Botting, said: “Remembrance is a time when we focus on the huge debt paid by our armed forces on behalf of the nation.

“Whilst a sombre occasion in many respects, it is also a time of thanksgiving to those who have served.

“I have been privileged recently to speak to Peter Lemon, perhaps the oldest veteran in the borough, and want to thank Peter for sharing his stories with me.

“I hope these memories, which are treasured, help us all to reflect and to remember the sacrifices made for us.

"We will remember them.”