London is to be hit with heavy rain this morning as Storm Debi hits the UK bringing strong winds.

Storm Debi is set to hit the UK today, bringing strong winds mainly affecting Northern England, Wales and Ireland.

Storm Debi will develop in the early hours today as a result of a strong jet stream crossing the Atlantic, which has led to unsettled periods of weather in the UK.

Met Office has warned that further low pressure may develop, impacting the UK’s weather later this week.

In London, heavy rain has been forecast from 6am until 9am, with lighter spells of rain to follow from 10am.

Met Office has also warned that strong winds will affect London throughout the morning, with winds easing towards the late afternoon.

From 11am onwards rain will clear, leading to clear spells and sunny intervals throughout the day.

Here’s an hour-by-hour forecast:

  • 6am - Heavy rain
  • 7am - Heavy rain
  • 8am - Heavy rain
  • 9am - Heavy rain
  • 10am - Light rain
  • 11am - Sunny
  • 12pm - Sunny
  • 1pm - Sunny
  • 2pm - Sunny intervals
  • 3pm - Cloudy
  • 4pm - Sunny intervals
  • 5pm - Partly cloudy
  • 6pm - Clear
  • 7pm - Partly cloudy
  • 8pm - Clear
  • 9pm - Clear
  • 10pm - Partly cloudy
  • 11pm - Partly cloudy

The forecast in full:

Persistent, heavy rain and strong winds through the morning.

Becoming drier through the afternoon with bright or sunny spells through the afternoon as winds begin to ease.

Feeling milder.

Maximum temperature 16 °C.