Year 11 students in Newstead Wood School have been taking their GCSE mock exams since Monday 6th November.

GCSEs are the exams that mark the end of compulsory education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Many schools, including Newstead Wood School, have mock exams to prepare students and help them achieve their best.

Shreya in Year 10, who is taking her Mandarin GCSE a year early, says “GCSE mocks are a great way to test your abilities and your faith in your knowledge.”

However, exams can lead to stress and anxiety, so here are 3 tips to help you through the exam period.

1. Prioritise physical AND mental health

The human body is like a phone; it needs to rest to prevent overheating and recharge. Sleeping 8 hours a day, eating a balanced diet and regular exercise improves physical health, and so helping you to study productively. Remember, taking breaks is also just as important as studying itself.

2. Time management

Whether it is revision or the actual exam, time management is key to achieve maximum study time and marks. Planning ahead revision can ensure you know what to focus on and spend proportionate amount of time on each topic. It also prevents late-night cramming, which leads to sleep deprivation.

3. A mark lower than your expectations is not the end of the world

Although education may be your whole world now, you will look back in the future and realise that one occasional “failure” is part of the pathway to success. Once it is over, it is over and you should look to the future and work on how to improve from that.

Exams are daunting. It is normal to feel nervous but that should not hinder your performance. Take care of yourself and your studies, and the rest should naturally follow.

Best of luck to students!