An eight-year-old Tube superfan has smashed the 'Metro Memory' game in under 90 minutes - naming nearly every single one of the 581 stations.

Lewis Wing has been a passionate fan of the London Underground since he was a toddler.

Between the ages of three and six, Lewis was able to visit every single station on the London Underground network.

Now, two years since his love of the Tube began, the schoolboy is still a fan and even took on the viral hit 'Metro Memory' game to see how he fared.

News Shopper: Lewis has been a fan of the Tube since he was young toddler.Lewis has been a fan of the Tube since he was young toddler. (Image: SWNS)

Eight-year-old smashes viral 'Metro Memory' game

Incredibly, Lewis listed 575 out of 581 stations in an hour and 22 minutes - only missing stops on the Overground.

The eight-year-old forgot Bush Hill Park, Silver Street, Rectory Road, Wood Street, Stamford Hill and Highams Park.

Lewis, from East London, said: "The challenge was mostly easy, I just did it line by line.

"I would have got everything but I don't know the Overground so well so those were the stops I missed.

"I started with the Bakerloo line but the quickest line I did was the DLR. I managed that in two minutes and 21 seconds.

"I had two one-minute breaks but that was it.

"If I did it again I know I'd get them all now!"

Mum Sheina Vasudevan, 48, said: "His dad and I took turns to be sure there was no cheating going on!"

News Shopper: Lewis completed the game in just over an hour.Lewis completed the game in just over an hour. (Image: SWNS)

How to play the London Metro Memory Game

You can play the London Metro Memory Game via this website.

Once you are on the site, all you need to do is start naming as many London stations as you can.

There's no need to sign up or log in and the best part is you don't have to worry about doing it all in one go as the site will save your data when you close the tab meaning you won't lose any progress.

Every time you name a correct London station the dot that represents the named station will be coloured in and your percentage will grow.

Plus, you can also see how much of each line and service you have completed, with a graphic showing the amount you have named, such as 8/16 on the Victoria Line.