“I would recommend young people go into politics, even if you’re on the wrong side; democracy depends on that”. Sir Graham Brady has been chairperson of the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee since 2010, with a history in politics dating back to his childhood. Recently, the highly influential politician came to Orpington to speak to the students at Newstead Wood School for Girls and St Olaves.  


Brady took a political place as Shadow Minister under four different Conservative leaders, however resigned in 2007 due to disagreement with David Cameron's opposition to grammar schools (as Brady is grammar school educated, himself, and believes in the encouragement of them). He is now chairperson of the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee, where he leads backbench politicians to choose the leader of the Conservative Party. Having been one of the brains behind the changes of the last 4 Prime Ministers, it is safe to say Brady has an impact on the UK and its politics.  


He discussed with the students at both Orpington grammar schools about his time with politics and the ever-changing leadership of the Conservative Party. He spoke about conversations he had with Boris Johnson and, the more recent leader, Rishi Sunak about their leadership of the UK and whether resigning would be the best option for both the politicians’ reputation and the country.  

He went on to answer questions from A-Level Politics students, where he replied with words of incentive, stating that being involved is the most important part of politics. Furthering the discussion, Brady summarised the last 13 years of Conservative leadership and where he believes the future of the party lies. 


Graham Brady left both schools having educated, influenced, and informed. He took a non-biased stance, even though talking about his political party. “Whatever your politics and beliefs, being involved and being engaged is a part of it” - Sir Graham Brady.